Do Boston Terriers Like To Cuddle?

The Boston terrier is a small companion dog suitable for guarding. Despite his strong and confident appearance, he turns out to be a good life partner. But, do Boston Terriers like to cuddle?

Yes, they do. Boston terriers are a very affectionate and loving breed. They love to cuddle, play, and take part in all sorts of fun.

Do Boston Terriers Like To Cuddle

Let’s, see how much they love to cuddle and why. But before that, we would like to tell you a little about this breed.

Boston Terrier: Characteristics of the Breed

Native countryUnited States
GroupGroup 9 (toy and companion dogs)
Section11 (small Molossus)
Height at withers (adult size)25 to 40 cm (10 to 16 inches)
Weight7 to 11 kg (15 to 24 pounds)
Longevity (life expectancy)He lives on average 12 to 15 years.
HairHis coat is short, smooth, and fine.
ColorThe Boston Terrier has a white and brindle coat (black with stripes that can be red or white, depending on the dog).
Type of dogCompanionDog Warning dog
Apartment lifeThis is possible if the apartment is not too confined, but it must be able to go out regularly.
Boston Terrier: Characteristics of the Breed

Boston Terriers Personality

The Boston terrier is a very jovial, sociable, and entertaining dog breed. Besides, he is very friendly with other animals, and barks only when he feels the need to. This makes him a good little guard dog.

He is extraordinarily gentle and loves people, especially children. He also likes to please and be next to his owner. But he can also be very protective because of his roots. However, he is never aggressive.

The Boston Terrier barks little and its need for exercise can be carried out indoors. It makes them an excellent small apartment dog. If you have a garden, it will run and let off steam in it. Be careful though, Boston terriers tend to overwork themselves. They run until someone stops them or their breathing problems prevent them from continuing.

Extremely sensitive to their master’s moods, some Boston Terriers are solitary dogs, with a particular affinity for the elderly.

This breed is often a good choice for new owners. You can deal with the health issues resulting from its unusually short muzzle.

Boston Terrier Temperament and Energy

In the past, Boston Terriers were primarily fighting dogs. But due to their friendly and happy temperaments, they have become excellent pets. Gentle, generally endowed with a strong, playful, friendly personality and a cheerful sense of humor, Boston Terriers are usually eager to please their owners and are easy to train.

On the other hand, they can be very protective of their owners. This can lead to aggressive and territorial behavior towards other pets and strangers. Traditionally quiet, the Boston terrier barks only when needed, making it an ideal candidate for apartment living.

One to two walks a day or 30 to 60 minutes of intense play per day may be fine for some individuals. But every Boston terrier is different. Left alone for long periods, they will tend to become frustrated and develop unwanted behaviors.

Do Boston Terriers Like To Cuddle: What Is The Truth?

They’re unique! They are always looking to please their owner. They continuously seek affection, play, and warmth. They are not exactly independent since they will want to be continuously accompanied. They are very intelligent and have a great sense of socialization and loyalty.

All these traits just make him more lovable and make you want to cuddle. And, not so surprisingly, he loves it too. 

The cuddle gives him a sense of belonging

One thing that hugs do for Boston terriers is to offer them the feeling of being connected with the guardian. Like a human, they often rely on touch to communicate a sense of belonging and satisfaction. 

This is due to the profound way it makes them feel like they are in the place where they belong. (There have been many stories of shelter dogs being afraid of humans. But people used gentle touch to slowly teach the dog to trust them.)

Cuddling with your pet creates a greater sense of self-worth and love

It’s no secret that humans use hugs as a way to express connection, affection, and love. Getting lots of hugs can make us feel more secure and lovable. The same goes for our little Boston terriers.

While they don’t exactly hug, they recognize hugging as a way that humans show affection and approval. When you cuddle them, they feel the rush to do something that made you want to connect with them right away.

This gives them a sense of security in your friendship and an increase in confidence that they are good. For a Boston terrier, feeling loved is one of the critical issues to give them a very high quality of life.

Benefits of Cuddling Your Little Friend

  • Reduce your level of stress and anxiety thanks to the hormones that are released.
  • Hugging and touching create a connection with the other individual.
  • Hugging your dog helps you feel better and loved.
  • A single hug improves blood circulation.
  • Hugs are a way to create bonds and trust.

How to Cuddle To Make Him Feel Good?

Well, now that we understand the goodness of Boston terrier cuddle, let’s see together how to cuddle them.

We specify that sometimes from an early age you accustom your puppy to receive cuddle at particular points. He will understand that these behaviors of yours are positive and will accept them more willingly. For example on the back or from above, as in the case of a cuddle on the head. 

Many dogs love being cuddled behind the ears, under the chin, or on the chest. You could cuddle your dog on his stomach, perhaps when he is lying on his stomach, and see his hind paw move.

Other dogs love to be patted on the hips. Place your hand on the dog’s side and give him long strokes until you get close to the end of his back.

As mentioned, these are general indications. Each dog is an individual in itself, with its specific characteristics. Slowly it will be your best friend to make you understand where he loves to be pampered. Also, he will indicate where he prefers not to be touched.

Last tip: now and then take 10 – 15 minutes and give him a nice full body massage. Start from the muzzle, gently, then move to the neck and continue to the tail. If your dog likes this, you can also massage his paws.

Also, spend time with him and besides, you can check that there are no bumps or particular marks. These marks or bumps may indicate health problems.

How to Interpret the Language of Your Dog When You Cuddle Him?

Pay attention when you hug your dog and observe his codes. Just like you send him a sign of love when you hug him, he also sends you a signal that you may not know how to interpret. Here are a few tests that your dog is telling you not to be too happy with cuddles:

  • Floppy ears
  • Turn your head
  • Does not look at you
  • Eyes ajar
  • Lick his muzzle
  • Responds with yawning
  • Open his eyes too much

And other much more obvious signs can be:

  • Wants to escape
  • Responds with grunts
  • Show teeth

Does my dog ​​like hugs?   

Does your dog show two or more gestures of the gestures discussed above? If yes, then it is definitely because he does not like hugs and they cause him stress. And do not worry! You can always show your love in another way.

Cuddly Dog Breeds: Which Breeds Love Hugging and Cuddling?

  1. Boston terrier

Our first choice. The other breeds of Boston terrier are also equally loving and affectionate. For example blue water Boston terrier, brown Boston terrier, Boston terrier mixed with Pitbull, etc.

  1. Golden retriever

In addition to being extremely affectionate, the Golden Retriever is intelligent and patient. These valuable qualities make it an excellent companion. If you make him feel like a full member of the family, he will give you back a hundredfold. He will know how to be faithful to his masters and gentle to children

  1. Labrador retriever

Like the Golden, the Labrador retriever is endowed with exceptional kindness. As this dog is particularly affectionate, he will quickly fall in love with children. He will be sensitive and generous towards them. The Labrador is easy to train, so it will adapt naturally to the rhythm of the family. If this dog does not hesitate to give love to his owners, he expects to receive it in return!

  1. The Dalmatian

This large spotted dog does not tolerate loneliness. If you like to have an animal present, the Dalmatian is the breed for you. He knows how to be as affectionate as he knows how to be faithful. This dog needs a lot of exercises. Her boundless energy may, however, not be suitable for some children.

  1. The Yorkshire-Terrier

The Yorkshire terrier derives its popularity from its ability to love. This dog will love everything that concerns you: the important thing will be to be by your side. Small in size, this playful animal may be suitable for families.  

  1. The German Shepherd 

The German shepherd is a dog that has flair since its senses are particularly developed. He is said to be an obedient and loyal dog. When you adopt him, the German shepherd will be gentle and endearing. He will give without counting to the members of his family since he loves unconditionally. With him you will not need to worry: you will be loved.


We know that you love your Boston terrier, and he loves you. But when it comes to showing your affection, you have to be sure. Like many wonders, “do Boston Terries like to cuddle?” then again, are you cuddling him the right way? Animals are not people and they may be uncomfortable with certain gestures. In this post, we are tried to decipher through body language if your Boston terrier feels comfortable when you cuddle him.

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