How to Keep Cats Out Of Windows?

Windows are one of the most typical problems for cat owners. These carefree minds have no idea of ​​the dangers that your balcony or windows can pose. And sometimes looking out of the window is not enough for him, and he may want to go further. And that’s when it gets ugly…

How to Keep Cats Out Of Windows

To keep cats out of the window first thing you need is continuous discouragement. But other than that, take proper safety precautions like installing nets, put scents he hates, etc.

So here’s how to keep cats out of windows to make our homes safer for our four-legged friends.

Is It Normal Behavior For Cats To Look Through The Window?

Why do cats look out windows? Is it normal?

These are the questions that our clients sometimes ask us, and the answer is a bit ambiguous. Although it may be normal, there may be some underlying problem if he does it very frequently. In this article, we are going to explain it to you.

Cats are very active and investigative animals. That is why they like to have everything under control. And one of those things is what happens outside, and what better than looking through the glass. 

The cause may be other cats that are on the roofs. If your window overlooks an apple patio or other animals that are in the garden, it might interest your cat. If you live in a country house, the point is that your cat will look almost every day.

On the other hand, it can be due to behavioral causes or organic causes. That means some diseases that your cat may have caught. 

But we will explain this to you below.

Behavioral Causes or Organic Causes

Indeed, as we have said before, it is not always normal for a cat to look out the window. Other causes of this attitude are ethological or behavioral causes and organic or disease causes.

The behavior can be changed in the cat’s environment, such as a change of address. When a cat goes to live in a strange house, it may look out the window because it is not in its normal environment. 

To avoid this, if, for example, you go on vacation, keep him in his own house. It is better for someone to take care of your cat at your own house. Try not to take it to another unknown house. And if you prefer or should be the second option, select a known house. A house that you have visited several times in a short time before leaving it for a long time.

Another cause compatible with this attitude is undoubtedly poor environmental enrichment. Cats must have the necessary resources so that they can develop their investigative instinct on the floor. 

On the contrary, they can develop behavioral alterations and develop an ethology problem. Interactive food-toys are a good way to keep a cat fit and simulate hunting scenes.

Last but not least, organic problems. If you see any symptoms in your cat, they both could be related, such as:

  • He drinks a lot and urinates a lot (polyuria-polydipsia syndrome) or 
  • He is more inactive than usual and is accompanied by looking through the window a lot. 

In that case, it would be advisable to visit your veterinarian. Do a general blood test on your cat and see the state of your cat’s organs. And from there, direct the problem to the correct diagnosis.

High-Rise Syndrome: A Very Common Danger

Cats are incredibly agile and flexible animals; they can jump great distances and walk along a thin railing. According to the saying, cats have seven lives: they always (or it would be better to say almost always) land on their feet. (We must remind you that this is not true).

All of this is true, and that is why many people think that there is no danger in leaving the windows opens. Or they allow their cats to go out to the balcony or terrace. Big mistake: every year, there are many, many cats that fall from great heights.

So much so that veterinarians have a name for it:  parachute cat syndrome, or flying cat syndrome, or High-Rise Syndrome. They refer to the many cats that go to the emergency vet for falls from more than 7 meters. These falls occur from different heights, sometimes much higher than two stories. 

But why do cats fall from windows or balconies?  

We must remember that, although our little cats are very agile and great tightrope walkers, they are also very curious. Seeing little birds flying nearby can make them forget where they are a little and jump.

They can also fall asleep and make a move while dreaming and fall. And if it is a young, unsterilized cat, male or female, its hormones can make it forget all precautions and end up falling into the void.

How to Keep Cats Out Of Windows?

The best idea is to demotivate or scare them away, scare them away from the window.

To keep your cats away from the window, we give some tips. These are very effective as well as easy to follow.

Use indoor plants

There are plants to scare away cats that are perfect. They not only increase the beauty of the interior but also keep the cat away from them. Some of those plants are:

  • Thyme, 
  • Cactus, 
  • Rosemary, 
  • Basil, and 
  • Roses.

Keep the plants near the window. The cats will stay out of your window. 

Use lemons and orange peels

Put the peels of citrus fruits like grapefruits, lemons, or oranges. Citrus fruits are perfect for keeping away the cats as they are very aromatic, and cats hate them. Also, the peels will serve as fertilizer for plants.

You can also squeeze the peel and put lemon and orange on walls and trees. 

Use citrus scents: 

If you can’t put plants and pots next to the window, use citrus scents or room fresheners. Also, there are other methods like using a mentholated balm or any menthol based scents.

But, how to keep cats off window sills? Well, this useful trick will keep cats off window sill for sure. 

Spray with cat repellents:

To avoid cat sitting in window, add coffee or pepper to the sitting places. They are very effective cat scare products because the pepper has an uncomfortable scent and pungency. The coffee has another strong smell that cats completely despise.

Cat also hates white vinegar. Mixed with water, it can be a good option to keep the cat away from window. 

There is another option called cat repellents found in specialty stores. They are very effective but harmless. 

Make view clear:

Another effective tip is that make the view clear without any barrier. If he can see outside without getting near the window, it’ll save a lot of hassle. 

How to Make Windows and Balconies Safe for Cat?

Cats love to look at the panorama that is seen through the windows of our houses. That is why it is very common to find cat looking out window. 

If they also find the window open, they will be delighted. They can also feel the sun and the air and smell the environment. Why not give them that pleasure? 

Next, we are going to see the different ways in which you can protect your cat from falling.

Option 1: Install a cat-proof window coverings

The flexible type cat nets are a very practical option. It will allow your cat to be at the window, sunbathing and watching everything that happens around him. Also, without the risk of falling. 

In addition, they do not prevent any light and will allow you to see the outside perfectly. Both you and your little cat will undoubtedly be delighted to be able to enjoy the air.

It will be necessary that you be very careful when you install it. Adjust it well so that your kitty does not have any gap to exit.

Option 2: Install mosquito nets

The bed nets are a good choice to safely open the windows without fear that your cat may have an accident. Also, with them, you will kill two birds with one stone, as they say. In addition to preventing your kitty from falling out the window, you will also prevent flies and mosquitoes from entering.

In the market, we can find mosquito nets of different types. But not all of them will be suitable to protect our little cats. Discard those that are attached to the windows using adhesives or Velcro. However, they are very easy to put on and do not need any installation. They are not safe enough, as with little push, your cat can detach it.

Option 3: Install a cat safety net on your balcony or terrace

As in the case of windows, cat protection nets are a very good option to secure a balcony or terrace. So your cat can enjoy the air and the sun without danger of falls. If you are good at DIY, you can install it yourself without a problem.

Of course, when installing it, you must always do it taking great care that there is no gap. Your kitten can get out through this. The balcony or terrace must be tightly closed everywhere, from the floor to the ceiling.

Option 4: Install a metal grid to prevent the cat from falling from the terrace or balcony

The metal grids are a great option to protect a balcony or terrace and make it a safe place. They have the advantage of being even more resistant than safety nets. But, yes, it must be recognized that they are much less discreet since they are more visible.

When installing a metal grid, make sure that your terrace or balcony is well closed, from floor to ceiling. You also want to make sure the holes in the fence are small enough. So your cat can’t get out of them.

Option 5: Prevent your cat from entering the balcony or terrace

What to do if you have a balcony or terrace but, for whatever reason, you cannot install the necessary protections? 

To make them a safe place for your cat, you always have the option of preventing it from leaving. To do this, you must protect the door instead, using a mosquito net.

Bonus tip: If you have tilt-and-turn windows, don’t forget to install a protective cat screen

Tilt-and-turn or tilt-up windows are those that can be opened both laterally and in a hinged mode.

If you have this type of window in your house, you may think that your cat is not in any danger. However, this is not the case. In the event that your kitten tries to get out through the hole, it could be trapped in them. Sometimes, that can be very dangerous.

As his hind limbs are left unsupported, he cannot get out, but he cannot enter either. As he struggles to try, he will fit more and more into the window. That can cause very serious damage to internal organs and even paraplegia. 

If this is your case, prevention is better than cure. So it is highly recommended that you install special grids for tilt and turn windows. They can cover the gap that remains open.

How To Act If Your Cat Falls From The Window, Balcony, Or Terrace?

In the event that your cat falls from a window or balcony, you should act as quickly as possible. If you have seen it fall, it is essential that you stay calm and act coolly. If you have a rigid carrier, take it and go immediately to the place where it fell.

Notify veterinary clinics and local animal associations or shelters, as well as the local police. Put up posters with their picture and your phone number, etc. It will be very useful for your cat to have a chip or to wear a collar with an identification plate.


Always, prevention is better than cure. The bottom line of all this is that it is best to know how to keep cats out of windows. Prevention will save your cat from falling from a window or balcony. Anyone can have oversight at any given time. It’s better to secure the balcony and windows for cats beforehand.

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