How to Make a Pitbull Muscular?

For being affectionate towards family, friends, and kids, pitbull dog breeds became very popular in every household. They are energetic, intelligent, and easy to train. If you have kids in your home to look after, a pitbull is a perfect pet dog for keeping an eye on your kids. They are excellent as a watchdog.

How to Make a Pitbull Muscular

But who doesn’t want their pet to stay fit and active all the time? That’s why every dog owner wants their pitbull to get bigger. And there are two ways you can make your pitbull bigger. Making him fat or muscular. But there are a lot of consequences you can face if your pitbull gets fatty. Such as humans, dogs can suffer from obesity and diabetes.

So making your pitbull muscular is the best way to keep him healthy, active, and fit during the day. But the question is how to make a pitbull muscular? Therefore in this article, I will discuss some common and necessary steps that are easy to follow for pitbull muscle building.

3 Easy Steps to Make a Pitbull Muscular

Proper Diet Should Be Maintained

Food is the ultimate source from where your dog can get all the necessary nutrition for his body. Building your pitbull muscle, a proper diet should be your first priority because 80 percent of your pitbull’s muscle-building nutrition comes from food. So if the Diet is perfect, all the other things become secondary.

A proper diet will consist of 40% protein and 40% carbs. You can get this protein from chicken, pork, grains, soybean, corn, and wheat. Animal proteins are also high-quality protein providers for your dog. Muscle-Meat and all its by-products such as liver, heart, lungs, and kidney are good sources of animal protein that you can keep in your daily dog’s Diet.

Protein will help to build and repair your dog’s muscle. Also, it works for strengthening the bones and restoring calcium while improving the immune system.

The great source of carbs is rice, potato, barley, and corn grits. Carbs are basically to provide stamina to stay active even after exercising a lot. This helps to eliminate muscle pain after cardio or any light exercise.

The rest of 20% of the Diet has to be from good fat. And the total food intake must be divided six times a day to accelerate the anabolic muscle-building.

Exercise is must

After a perfect dinner, we all expect a dessert. And while building your dog’s muscle, exercise is the dessert that will complement the Diet. A proper diet is not complete without an appropriate plan of exercise. Make sure you plan for your pitbull to exercise for at least four days a week. Exercise will develop muscle strength, power, and, most importantly, stability. Start slowly so that your dog can adopt the exercising part quickly. Before you start any heavy muscle building training, make sure you let the dog warm him up. A five to ten minutes walk is more than enough for the warm-up.

Also, there are some other exercises that you can follow for building your dog’s muscle tissue strength. Also, exercise will help the muscle tissue to get stretched. Swimming, running or walking in shallow water, tug of war, weight lifting, stair climbing, doggy squats, ankle weights are the popular forms of exercises for pitbull muscle building. After this exercise, the muscle tissue will be torn, and they will repair and rebuild themselves with a proper diet.

Do some cardio

Putting a west vest on your dog while regular exercise like running or walking works great as cardio. Running up hills or climbing stairs and sprints is more than enough for cardio to make a muscled pitbull. But remember, cardio can be done for only 10-20 minutes a day. Otherwise, your pitbull will not end up being a muscular one. Instead, the extra hour of cardio will burn its muscle.

Is taking the supplement a good option for muscle building?

A supplement is obviously a good option for pitbull body building. Also, supplements can make the process of muscle building of your pitbull faster. Basically, supplements ensure the perfect amount of protein and carbs for the dog to build its muscle.

If you are struggling to set a diet plan for your dog, supplement is the right choice. There are supplements in the market, especially for muscular pitbull breeds containing the perfect amount of calories in every scoop. So if you are thinking of switching to supplement your dog’s muscle growth, there is no harm in this. But it would help if you don’t solely depend on supplements. Exercise, Cardio, and Natural Diet should be maintained at the same time.

What to Feed a Pitbull Puppy to Get Big?

The great way of making your pitbull puppy bigger is to make his muscle bigger. The secret of making your pitbull muscular is the amino acid. Your dog will get this amino acid from protein that will help the muscle grow strong and strengthen your pitbull bones.

But for the first six weeks, you have to allow your pitbull puppy to drink his mother’s milk. He will get the required protein, carbs, and other nutrition from the puppy mill. You don’t need to put anything extra on your pitbull puppy’s Diet unless he crosses the six week age. But during these six week, you can give him some puppy milk supplement when his mom isn’t around. 

When your puppy’s age is six to twelve years old, you can switch to solid foods. Dry dog food that we can easily find in pet stores is enough as a source of protein. It is the easiest way of sourcing protein for your puppy dog’s muscle building. But ready-made dog food is expensive for so many. So if you want to give homemade protein food to your dog that will cost far less than ready-made dog food, then you have to do some extra work for that. 

After all, remember that extra protein doesn’t mean extra food. Make a diet with food that has high-quality protein and carbs. And we have already mentioned the food that contains high-quality protein for making the pitbull bigger. Thus you can ensure the extra protein for muscle building without overfeeding your dog. If you can afford it, try to give your dog a protein supplement after a regular protein diet.

So increasing your dog’s daily protein intake without overfeeding him is important to make your pitbull puppy bigger.

How to Make Pitbull Aggressive

Being aggressive is not something inherent characteristics among the pitbull breeds.The upbringing and surrounding is the reason your puppy pitbull gets aggressive. But why would someone want their pitbull to be aggressive? There are many reasons for that. 

But one reason that is common for most people who want to make their pitbull super aggressive. And the reason is they want their pitbull as a watchdog. A muscular pitbull is full of strength and power. So people sometimes want their dog to look after their house by showing aggression towards unknown people around the house. So by making their pitbull aggressive towards an unknown and unwanted person, the pitbull owner feels safe inside the house. But as it is not inherent in this dog breed, the pitbull owner has to raise the dog to be aggressive. 

In this case you have to make your dog not-human friendly. To do so, never let your dog meet with the guests at your house. Better if you can lock him up in a separate room. You shouldn’t allow your dog to meet other people from the neighbourhood except your family members. Thus the dog will not become friendly towards unknown people and the dog will warn your new guest at the door to go home.

But at the end, we would say that no dog should be raised to become aggressive oneday. Dogs are naturally very protective in nature. They usually stay very cautious about new people in the home. So our suggestion will be not to make your pitbull aggressive for your shake only.

Final Words

Making your pitbull muscular is a wise decision for the dog’s health. And a proper healthy diet with planned exercise can slowly help your pitbull to grow muscle.

Throughout this article, I tried to articulate how to make a pitbull muscular. But after all, this is not possible to make your pitbull muscular overnight. For that to happen, you need to keep patience and follow what I said. I hope you will not find these instructions or ways hard to implement. And following this process will not only make your puppy muscular but also active and healthy. Thanks for your 3 minutes read. I hope this article will have an impact.

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