How to Potty Train a Great Dane?

Dogs are very intelligent, so much that they learn almost everything we teach them. They learn simple commands easily and with a little time, even the more difficult ones. But have you ever thought about teaching your four-legged friend how to use the toilet? So, now it’s time to know how to potty train a Great Dane?

While potty training may seem a little complicated, we have some tips that’ll make it easier. Easy and effective rules like taking him out regularly or rewarding him will have a great effect. 

How to Potty Train a Great Dane

Keeping them in mind, we are going to give you all the important tips and tricks in this ultimate guide. Also, you will be getting tips on how to house train a puppy with a crate.

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Potty Train Your Great Dane Puppy At What Age?

One of the first things you should teach your Great Dane is cleanliness. The earlier you start, the easier it will digest things. The apprenticeship must therefore begin at the age of 2 months.

It is important to specify that the breed of the dog is a factor to be taken into account. It is true whether in terms of cleanliness or behavior in general. Certain breeds are, in fact, more receptive than others. Just like our Great Dane, who is very easy to train.

Overall, it will be necessary to wait for his 6 months (from the moment you start his education) for it to become spotless.

Great Dane Potty Training: What Not To Do?

Put the puppy/dog’s nose in his “stupidity”: It’s humiliating, and it’s no use at all. It might even encourage your puppy/dog to eat their feces afterward.

Scolding a puppy/dog that you have not seen do: also, this is of no use. Instead, clean it immediately. Clean up feces and/or urine with bleach. Bleach attracts dogs and makes them want to do it over again. Indeed, bleach has a smell that remarkably resembles that of urine from a canine point of view.

Give your puppy/dog full free access to the whole house: do not give him full access to the entire house. Limit his area so that he can’t relieve himself everywhere.

Lose patience: Indeed, that will be the last word: teaching your puppy/dog to potty train requires great patience. Do not get angry or scold your dog when he cannot restrain himself.

Get out of your mind that your dog is acting like this for revenge or because he is “too stupid.”

The most important thing will be to determine and understand the cause and thus find suitable solutions.

How To Potty Train a Great Dane: The Tips to Educate 

Cleanliness is often seen as a real mission for new dog owners. Here are the golden rules for effectively potty training a Great Dane puppy:

  • Always catch your Great Dane in the act when he’s pooping in the wrong place. Don’t yell at him directly, but carry him and bring him outside. By wearing it, you will cut it off from the desire to continue. And it will resume once resting on the ground (where it is allowed to do its small business). 
  • When he’s done defecating (where he wants), praise him profusely. Don’t hesitate to do too much! He must feel that having finished where you have told him is a real and frank congratulation. Over time, he will associate congratulations and “needs in the right place.” 
  • To avoid disasters, remember to take your puppy out regularly and at strategic times: after eating, playing, or sleeping. This is essential because at 2 months, a puppy cannot hold back for very long. And like a baby, after having eaten or had an activity, the urge can quickly be felt!
  • You can also reduce the space where your young dog moves to push him to hold back. Put a few drops of bleach in the garden. This smell is attractive to a young puppy and will make him want to go to his needs around this “smell.” 

On the other hand, never clean with bleach at home. Otherwise, he will think he can do all of this everywhere!

  • Never punish your dog WITHOUT catching him in the act. And don’t stick his nose in his feces; it won’t help you or him. He will just be very stressed by this gesture, and it is useless to teach him not to start over.
  • Avoid rugs and newspapers as your home “toilet spots.” They will just give your dog the idea that he is allowed to do this in the house, and he will not differentiate between an authorized carpet and one in the unauthorized living room! The goal is to teach him to do his business OUTSIDE. Nowhere else.
  • Finally, your puppy may not be able to defecate outside. Because the profusion of the smell in some places can disturb them or even stress them. Arm yourself with patience, and get in the habit of always taking him to the same place. So that he gets used to all this, avoiding places that are too noisy, agitated, etc.

Potty Training for Great Dane: The Importance of the Reward

The best strategy for learning cleanliness and hygiene is the reward. Whenever your Great Dane defecates outside or lets him be washed obediently, give him a hug and a small treat. This mode of operation allows him to understand what induces a positive situation. You can also reward him by playing with him etc.

Conversely, there is no point in punishing him. As we have already mentioned, some punish their puppies by sticking their noses in their excrement. This technique should be avoided because it is counterproductive and can be traumatic. 

Carry your dog if you catch yourself in the act and bring it outside so that it finishes its needs where you want it.

By repeating the actions and rewarding him for his right actions, your animal will assimilate the good actions.

This reward scheme is quite basic but works very well in the education of the Great Dane.

What to Do When You Leave Your Great Dane puppy Alone?

No secret, in the beginning, it will require certain availability! When you go to work, it is advisable not to leave your puppy alone for more than 5 hours. If sometimes you don’t have a choice, then your best bet is to find someone. He can drop by to see that everything is fine once a day and take them on their little outing.

If you are anxious, know that technology now allows you to monitor your dog from a distance. However, this will not prevent him from defecating in the house. If you leave him for too long without going out, he will do it anywhere.

But to limit urinary catastrophes (or worse), do not hesitate to reduce his space when you are away. Use a small enclosure or in a special room. This will encourage him to wait. 

What Are The Easiest Dog Breeds To Potty Train?

  1. Australian shepherd

The Australian shepherd is the easiest breeds of dogs to potty train. They spend most of their time in a crate. The puppies also have an instinct to keep their place clean.

So, if you simply want to potty train your dog, this dog is perfect for you. But, try to train your puppies with some positive training methods.

  1. Papillon

Want a lovely as well as the most loyal puppy? Well, the Papillons are one of the most obedient puppies to their owners. They are intelligent and can learn new habits very quickly. Papillons have friendly behavior and a devoted-nature. These behaviors make potty training easy for these dogs.

  1. Miniature Schnauzer

The miniature schnauzer is another easiest breed of dog to potty train. They are cute, intelligent, and obedient. They respond to your command quickly. So, it is much easier to give them potty training in less time. However, most miniature schnauzers left their breeder’s home after being fully housetrained.

  1. Maltese

Want to have a cute, tiny puppy?  But, you are sensitive about cleanliness! Great! You should have the Maltase puppies. They like to stay clean, and also they don’t stink. The most important thing is they have a very cooperative mind. So, it will be very easy for you while giving them a potty train.

  1. Boston Terrier

Loyal, gentle, friendly, and intelligent- these traits make the Boston Terrier a family dog. Hence, sometimes they express their stubbornness. Yet, most of the time, they are very friendly and obedient. 

So, when you are giving them potty training, you will find them loyal as well as responsive. But, what you need is endurance to train them.

  1. Shih Tzu

If you are thinking about having a tiny, affectionate dog, the Shih Tzu is the perfect choice for you. They have a friendly demeanor and are very loyal to their rightful owners. The Shih Tzu learns the potty training tricks quickly in a very early stage. Therefore, they prove themselves as the easiest breeds of dogs to potty train.

What are the difficult breeds of dogs to potty train?

  1. Afghan Hound

The Afghan hounds are one of the most difficult breeds of dogs to potty train. They are independent and sensitive. Besides, they are not so loyal and like to do what they want to do.

So, the Afghan hounds don’t respond to your command even if you threaten them. That’s why, while training them, you will need to use positive training techniques.

  1. Jack Russell Terrier

Another difficult dog breeds to potty train are the Jack Russell Terrier breeds. They are well-known for their stubborn character. Giving them potty training is a challenging task.

They are so stubborn that they will not respond to your command but will try to escape. So, you need to give them potty training at a very early stage. 

  1. West Highland Terrier

The West Highland Terrier is well-known as the toughest breed of dogs to potty train. They are very intelligent and the most popular terrier breeds. They also learn quickly. But while giving them potty training, they feel frustrated. Therefore, you have to be very tolerant and patient during potty training. 

  1. Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire terrier is another difficult terrier breed of dogs to potty train. Like other terrier breeds, they have a stubborn nature. This stubborn nature makes it difficult to give them easy potty training. So, convincing them to go outside is the most challenging task.

The Yorkshire terriers have tiny bladders that cause frequent potty. So, the owners of this dog need to maintain these dogs properly.

  1. Dachshund

Want a bright and intelligent dog breed? Well, Dachshunds are very popular due to having those traits. But, their defensive and stubborn characters make it difficult to give them potty training. You can’t convince them to go outside, especially while it’s raining or snowing.

However, treating them well with some positive training methods will help you to train them easily. 

  1. Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are another toughest cute tiny puppy to potty train. They don’t like to go outside when the weather is wet or too cold. So, to give them potty training is somewhat challenging. They urinate wherever they want to. That’s why these puppies need high maintenance.

House Training a Great Dane: How To Do It With Ease?

Most people, especially people who are new dog parents, cringe at the idea of ​​confining their dogs in a cage. But crates make life a lot easier, particularly once you visit the vet or travel for general safety on the street. Since dogs obviously have the instinct to keep their den tidy, house training a Great Dane is a great potty training method. Particularly when you can’t provide your dog with the full attention it needs.

A properly sized Great Dane dog crate will be a home for your dog, and this will help keep him away from littering the house. If he feels a pulse, your dog will scratch and bark largely. And this should indicate to you that he should go from the burrow to flake or poop. 

While this happens, don’t delay. If your dog eliminates the control, he will have the impression that he has the right to ruin his residence. And he will not be willing to soil your house too. 

Until your dog is fully potty trained, you better track him down and make the practice a lot easier. This, when done right, will reduce the pace at which your dog jokes; you shouldn’t remove it completely jokingly.


For potty training to be effective, learning must be done regularly, always at the same time. So by creating a routine, you can make this easy for him. Reward him, encourage him and pet him every time he has a correct behavior. And if he makes a mistake and does it in the wrong place, just quickly clean him up and ignore the situation. Finally, to grasp how to potty train a Great Dane, the only thing you need is patience.

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