What Are Male Dogs Called?

There is a worldwide confusion, what are male dogs called? Are all male dogs called the same? 

Another difficult thing is, when a dog comes into our lives, choosing the right name. Choosing a name for a newly-adopted dog is never a simple affair: the list of possibilities is almost endless, and finding the right one can sometimes seem an impossible task.

What Are Male Dogs Called

If you want to call your dog by a good name, there are some basic rules that could help you when choosing. And that is what we are discussing today; we will know what male dog is called and what to name them.

What Are Male Dogs Called: Term for Male Dog

There is no surprise! A male dog is called a “Dog.” Female dogs are called bitch. As simple as that!

But when you get into technical terms, there may be some different terms. The terms are mostly related to breeding. In every stage of breeding life, the terms change.

Let’s discuss that a bit.

Puppy/pup/whelp: Little dogs or young dogs are called puppies or pups. They are also called whelps sometimes.  

Dog/stud: In general, all dogs are called dogs. Even the female ones are referred to as dogs. But technically speaking, a dog is that who hasn’t fathered yet, i.e., who doesn’t have any puppy.

On the other hand, the stud is those who are ready to breed but haven’t yet.

Sires: Sires is usually referred to as dogs that are used for breeding. Sires is that dog that has a puppy. When he fathers children, he becomes a sire from a dog.

There are some other names that are not very popular in male ones. One of them is “Curs.” But, this name is used negatively and not very common in people.

Ideas for Choosing Names for Male Dogs

Some have enough just to see the animal’s face and immediately come up with its name. Others have to negotiate their preferences with the rest of the family to see which name fits the most.

There are also those who repeat the same name to the different dogs that they have throughout their lives. As in the past, children were given the same name generation after generation. It was the most common, and it was considered beautiful.

For a few years, it is quite common to use names of human beings to put them on pets. Some of the most used are Charlie, Oliver, ​​Robert, Alan, Tommy, Max, among others. People use to give dogs strong male dog names. Currently, it has also begun to be done the other way around. That means to give babies names that have always been related to dogs/cats.

There are people who believe that the names of pets only have to have one syllable. Such as Lui, Ray, Rex, Alf, Brit, Kay. It is true that it is usually more comfortable for us to the time to call them. But the dog will understand your name, whether it is short or long.

Famous Male Dog Names

Inspiration can also come by copying the names of famous people that attract the attention of the owners. It can be for their musical tastes, moviegoers, athletes, scientists: such as Lennon, Tarantino, Rocky, Chaplin, Marlon, Madonna, Kubrick, Woody, Leo, Messi, Bowie, Jackson, Sheldon, or the characters from the great Friends series: Joey, Chandler, Ross.

In order to find more unique male dog names, some look in more exotic languages. Generally, Asian where manga comics are a range of possibilities; among them, we can find: Akamaru, Naruto, Ken, Levi

In Some families, children are allowed great decision-making power for these issues. They use movies and cartoons to find the most appropriate name for their male dog. Who does not remember the dear Benji? Or Snowy, Tintin’s faithful companion? And Perrito from Dora the Explorer, or Bolt in the Miley Cyrus movie Bolt. The big screen is usually a display of possible names to choose from.

Next, we show you a list of male canine characters that became famous thanks to appearing in different movies, television series, and cartoons.

NAME   RACEMovie or series title
BeethovenSaint BernardBeethoven
BrianFamily Guy
White FangAlaskan malamuteWhite Fang
Eddie   Jack RussellFrasier
EinsteinCatalan shepherdReturn to the future
Santa’s helperGreyhoundThe Simpsons
Googy       Mikey mouse
Hachiko   AkitaAlways by your side
Milo   Jack RussellThe mask
SnowyFox terrierTintin
Fog       Saint BernardHeidi
Lout       Crazy cars
Pluto       Walt Disney
Scooby-DooGreat DaneScooby-Doo
SnoopyBeagleCharlie Brown and snoopy
RexGerman shepherdRex, a police dog
Famous Male Dog Names

Names for Small Male Dogs

To choose names for a small breed dog, or we can refer to the size as Piccolo, Petit, Nano, Pincho, Toy, Chip, Conny, Junior, Simba, Sparky, Kiwi, Dylan. On the contrary, search the contradiction and propose names that refer to large sizes such as Thor, Odin, Rocky, Rambo, Goliath, Hulk, Hercules, Tyson, Leon, Rex, Conan.

List Of the 100 Most “Common” Names in Male Dogs

The most common names for male dogs are:

  1. Ace
  2. Archie
  3. Apollo
  4. Bailey
  5. Bandit
  6. Baxter
  7. Bear
  8. Benji
  9. Benny
  10. Bentley
  11. blue
  12. Bo
  13. Boomer
  14. Brady
  15. Brody
  16. Bruno
  17. Brutus
  18. Bubba
  19. Buddy
  20. Buster
  21. Cash
  22. Champ
  23. Chance
  24. Charlie
  25. Chase
  26. Chester
  27. Boy
  28. Coconut
  29. Cody
  30. Copper
  31. Cooper
  32. Diesel
  33. Danny
  34. Dash
  35. Dave
  36. Duke
  37. Elvis
  38. Finn
  39. Frodo
  40. Frankie
  41. George
  42. Gizmo
  43. Gunner
  44. Gus
  45. Hank
  46. Harley
  47. Henry
  48. Hunter
  49. Jack
  50. Jackson
  51. Jake
  52. Jasper
  53. Joey
  54. Kobe
  55. Lion
  56. Loki
  57. Louie
  58. Luck
  59. Luke
  60. Mac
  61. Marley
  62. Monty
  63. Max
  64. Mickey
  65. Milo
  66. Murphy
  67. Oliver
  68. Ollie
  69. Oscar
  70. Otis
  71. Peanut
  72. prince
  73. Rex
  74. Riley
  75. Rocco
  76. Rocky
  77. Romeo
  78. Roscoe
  79. Rudy
  80. Rufus
  81. Rusty
  82. Sam
  83. Sammy
  84. Samson
  85. Scooter
  86. Scout
  87. Shadow
  88. Simba
  89. Sparky
  90. Spike
  91. Tank
  92. Teddy
  93. Thor
  94. Toby
  95. Tyson
  96. Vader
  97. Winston
  98. Yoda
  99. Zeus
  100. Ziggy

How to Name You Male Dogs: What to Consider?

Surely you already have a large number of names in mind to give your new pet; however, we would like to help you take the appropriate best boy dog names. That is why we leave you some small considerations to take into account before naming your dog:

  1. Look for the dog’s skills and characteristics: Do you want to give it an original name that adapts well to your dog? The first thing you should do is assess the different skills and characteristics of your dog. In this way, you can look for names that reflect something that is in it. Such as Jumpy, or Happy, etc. There are many names that you can look for by studying their personality.
  1. Check out the size: Also, take into account the breed of the dog or its size since it will be somewhat ridiculous. For example, you can’t call a Doberman or a Pitbull “puppy.” Again, it will not be very “normal” to call a small poodle “fury.” But hey, if you want to find a funny name for your pet, it’s not a bad choice.
  1. Do not change the name: if you have already given it a name, now you cannot change it. And, if you have not done it yet, we encourage you to take your time before naming your dog. Because then you will not be able to change it. Would you like to be called every day by a different name?
  1. Let them choose: when it comes to thinking of a name for our dog, we can see which names he likes the most. To do this, we will only have to create a list. Say the names so that we can see the face that the animal makes with each of them. We are sure to find a reaction with one of the names we have on the list.
  1. Things are done with time: we also want to remind you that things must be done with time. Making a decision like this should not be done lightly unless we are very clear about the name. We must let a few days go by in which the dog will adapt to its new home. And then we can choose its name so that it adapts to it.
  1. Children can choose but from the list of parents: it is a good idea to let the little one choose the name that he likes the most. But we cannot let him do it without giving him alternatives. Our children may end up calling him one of his friends in the school. To avoid this, we must give him a list of names and read them with him. So, he can choose the one he likes the most but within the names for dogs. 
  1. Short and easy: The name should be short, preferably between two and three syllables, as they are easier to remember. Monosyllable names are also not recommended as it is easier to confuse them. The phonetics of the name is also important. It should be clear and not resemble any other word or command that will be used frequently with the animal.
  1. Be careful with the names of close people: You can call your dog Alex or Max without any problem, but be careful if it is the name of a close relative or a close friend. Surely there are people who are excited that you call your dog after them, in their honor. But other people may not be very happy with the idea. So it is best to make sure that the chosen name does not offend anyone.

Can You Call Your Male Dog By Different Name?

Can the dog’s name be changed? The answer is yes.

The cases in which you may want or need to change the name of your newly adopted dog are not rare. They are much more frequent than you might think. They are often dogs adopted in shelters or kennels. When they arrive in their home, they have already had a name by those who have looked after them previously.

It may happen that the name of our dog is not to our liking. And therefore we would really like to choose a new one. But at that point, it becomes almost automatic to ask ourselves: will the dog get used to being called differently? Will Fido be able to learn his new name?

The answer, we anticipate it immediately, is yes. The dog is capable of learning a new name different from the previous one, obviously, if we are able to teach it correctly and effectively.

In which cases, is it better to change the dog’s name?

The dog’s name can be changed if the puppy is adopted from a kennel or shelter. Or if he is lost on the street. In all of these cases, the little dog had a name given to him by someone else previously. We may choose not to keep now that he is a full member of our family.

But there are also cases in which it is even advisable to change the dog’s name. It seems that sometimes the specimens have a difficult past behind them with stories of abandonment and abuse. Giving our friend a whole new name can help him forget what happened and start a new life full of love.


Now you know what are male dogs called, and what name can you give your dog? Hopefully, you will find your friend’s name by now or at least have an idea.

And finally, one last piece of advice: never shout your dog’s name. You should always pronounce it in a neutral and cheerful whole. Also, you should make sure that you use male puppy names in young dogs regularly: when you play with it when showing your affection or to get its attention.

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