When Do Puppies Calm Down?

A puppy can bring a lot of excitement into your house. Most people spent all the free time with their puppies. From feeding him to taking a lot of pictures for Instagram are the thing, most puppy owners do by themselves. Even you will find many puppy Instagram profiles where owners upload all sorts of activities of their puppies.

When Do Puppies Calm Down

Raising a puppy into a mature dog is something satisfying, fun, and rewarding. But that doesn’t come without its downside. This journey of turning a puppy into an adult dog has so many stages in between. And the most complicated and unbearable stage is when your puppy doesn’t calm down. In this stage, puppies stay hyper all the time unless they are sleeping. 
But there is no single factor that can tell us-when do puppies calm down?

It depends on certain factors such as; dog’s breed, health condition, size, biological condition, and sex. So it’s hard to define the timeline that says, “now your puppy will calm down.”

A Hyper Puppy

When you want your puppy to calm down, that means you have a hyper, high energetic puppy. And this type of behavior will definitely make you think about how to make a puppy calm down. The high energy of the puppy will not let you sit in peace for a moment. They never stop jumping, running, bitting, playing, and messing with other things in the house. And all these things are very annoying for a puppy owner. But there are ways and methods that can help you to calm your hyper puppy down.

We have already mentioned that this hyper behavior of a puppy doesn’t depend on a single reason.

If you want to know exactly when your puppy will calm down, let us tell you that it’s not possible to be specific with that. Nevertheless, we will discuss this later.

But before that, let’s know the ways that are in your hand to make your puppy calm down. These are what you can do to make your hyper puppies calm without waiting for their age to get matured. I guess now you know- why are puppies so hyper?

When Do Puppies Calm Down?

As we have already discussed that it’s impossible to say precisely – when do puppies calm down. But we can predict. And to predict that, it’s essential to know the breed, size, health, puppy behavior stages, puppy energy, and physical and mental growth of the puppy.

Suppose we consider the less active breed such as Bulldog, which is calmer than a labrador, most hyper dog breed. But usually, a puppy calms down properly at its mature stage. And it’s between one to four years. If you look at the timeline, it almost takes 6 to 12 months to develop a sense of family routine. And from this stage, they start losing their energy. So it’s even the perfect time for training. However, you can also take your puppy to all public places at this age to make it socially engaged.

And within 1 to 2 years, your puppy becomes an adult and behaves calmer than ever. Basically, many people consider this stage an ans of this frequently asked question: When do puppies come down?.

To come at this stage, some breed takes more than 1 to 2 years; some takes less. But that depends on the mental condition of your puppies and how you raise them.

The ways we mentioned above basically work for most of the breed to come at this stage as early as possible. And if you follow all those methods we said, your puppy will be calm sooner. 

How Can You Calm Your Puppy Down?

Let’s talk about ways.

A Fixed Schedule Can Help

What happens with us when we have a strict timeline to follow? Why even set our daily work timelines before we start doing that task? We do so that we don’t let ourselves waste a single moment on something that doesn’t count as productive. The same happens with your dog and puppies.

When you do everything in time for your puppy, it develops a sense of discipline. They will know this is the time to sleep, now I have to play, or this is my time to potty. So it will not let him do things that annoy you or high energetic stuff a hyper puppy does. A sense of discipline also helps the puppy to get rid of the anxiety that sometimes causes agitated behavior.

There are specific periods when a puppy stays more active than other parts of the day. And in most cases, it’s dawn. So try to set a playtime to make him calm during that time.

Make the Household Calm

There is a specific time in a day when a puppy stays hyperactive. And mostly, the time is at dawn. At that time, try to keep everything around the house calm. Try not to talk loud and avoid everything that creates a loud sound. This can give your puppy a sense of calmness. Understanding the behavior of the surroundings, the puppy will behave accordingly.

Keep Him Busy

Keeping your puppy busy is very important if you want to calm the puppy down. Giving him a new task, taking him for a walk, or engaging him with field activity will let him be on his best behavior. If possible, engage him with more exercise to lessen his energy level. With a low energy level, a puppy can not behave hyper.

There are a lot of dog toys that can help your puppy get engaged.

Could You Not Give Him a Rough Notion?


Most times, when our puppy starts behaving hyper, we react badly. We push them away; sometimes, we even hit them. But that can accelerate their aggressive behavior. They will get more defensive and hyper. So if you want your puppy to calm down when it gets hyper, make sure you behave normally. Don’t react. If possible, completely ignore him. 

Positive or indulging reactions never bring good results. So try not to be responsive at all. Most of the time, they do such behavior just for attention. And if they understand that you don’t even look at him at his attention-seeking behavior, he will get tired of doing such aggressive behavior, and eventually, they will stop.

Try to behave consistently and calmly. And keep the consistency every single time your puppy gets hyper. And this consistent behavior will let your puppy know your behavior towards him. And it’s easy to understand for your puppy what to expect from you if you behave the same. Your calm and consistent behavior will definitely have a reflection on your puppy.

Rewarding Your Puppy Is a Good Option

When the puppy stays calm, treat him with something he loves. Maybe you can give him a cookie. Or allow him to play with his favorite toy or bring a new toy. Make sure you are doing something as a reward that your puppy loves. If you are doing the same thing to reward your puppy, that may not work all the time. The same thing often bore them. Try different things as a reward for their calm behavior. So they will understand that if they stay quiet, they will get a reward or a treat.

You can even follow these reward techniques for training your puppy.

Give the Puppy Full Attention and Love

Sometimes puppies can go mad for some extra care and affection. And at that time, if you are not doing the behavior he expected, that might drive him crazy. He will be your shadow all day, wherever you go. He will not let you sit for a moment until you take him onto your lap and hug him. So, sometimes a bit of affection and love can make your puppy calm down. Calming down a dog is far easier if you give him the love you want.

While loving your puppy more, make sure you are not indulging his rude behavior.

Train for Sticking to the Command

When your puppy listens to you, it gets more comfortable for you to control his behavior when he gets aggressive. And if you want your puppy to listen to you, there is no other option but to train him.

Sometimes all of a sudden, your puppy may start barking. That’s because he got a lot of energy in him that he wants to come out. That’s annoying, right? But there is an option left for you to use that energy to make your puppy calm down. You can use that energy of your puppy to train him. Make a command over him. Let’s see if he listens. If he does, try to do that frequently as much as you can. That will help the puppy to understand your command. Command such as Sit, Stand Up. 

You can play fetch to make him do what you want him to do. You can use various training techniques and tools or use something that frightens your puppy to make him listen.

Health check-ups

Sometimes puppies get aggressive when they feel anxiety or get ill. So a monthly visit to a veteran can be a big help for making the puppy calm. Also, a veterinarian can help you with developing specialized training techniques for your puppy.


We tried to answer the most frequently asked question that we get from puppy owners- when do puppies calm down? We know that this is the most crucial part to tolerate while raising a puppy in your home. It’s not possible to be specific about this because nothing can tell you when puppies will be calm.

We came up with some techniques that will help you make your puppy calm without waiting for it to get matured. Most people wait for their puppy to reach a certain age where it loses its energy and becomes calm and obedient. But if you follow the methods we mentioned above, you will be able to make your puppy behave with consistency.

We know that it takes time for a puppy to get calm and quiet. And we have discussed how and when they possibly calm down.

We hope this write up will help you understand that you can calm puppies down by following some simple methods.

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