Why Is My Dog Sneezing Non Stop?

Sneezing occasionally for your dog is quite normal. And this sneezing can happen for many reasons like foreign bodies, allergies, or during playtime. But if your dog is sneezing non stop all day, then something obviously went wrong with your cuddle partner.

Why Is My Dog Sneezing Non Stop

When this happens with our dog, there are a bunch of questions that cross every dog lover’s mind. Such as: Why is my dog sneezing non stop? What causes him the discomfort of sneezing? What should I do for the cure? Should I call a veterinarian? And whatnot!

So in this article, we will discuss all these questions to give our readers the most satisfactory answer they are looking for all over the internet.

Natural Causes of Dogs to Sneeze

Your dog can sneeze for many reasons. A healthy dog with no symptoms of any health issue can also sneeze very often. But that should not be a reason for concern. 

During the playtime

Sometimes your dog can sneeze while playing to communicate with its playmate. Dogs also sneeze out of excitement, and that is a very common behavior in hyperactive dogs. It’s very natural for a happy dog to be excited while playing. Dog lovers consider this sneezing as a sign of Happy Dog, and they call it “Play Sneeze.” And also, sneezing while playing helps the dog to expel dust, dirt, and other irritants. So do not worry if your dog is sneezing during its playtime. Instead, let him play and enjoy.

Inhaling foreign objects

Can you remember any event of your life when an unwanted insect suddenly went inside your nose? What did you do at that time? Maybe, we all have done the same. We sneezed to get the insects out of our noses. And a dog does the same when the same thing happens.

Extra inhalation of dust or foreign bodies while rolling over the floor, carpet, or in the playground can make your dog sneeze two or more. But that should not cause you a headache. Sometimes dogs sneeze at something that stuck in their nose. Irritants like aerosol, body spray, and air freshener can also cause your dog to sneeze a few times. Sniffing is a natural dog behavior through which dry soil or a blade of grass can go inside your dog nose and cause sneezing. The dog will keep sneezing until the irritants come out of his nose. At that time, don’t panic. Just wait and observe until there is no blood dripping from the dog’s nose.

Reasons for Non Stop Sneezing:

Non stop sneezing of your dog is something that every dog owner is concerned about. But sometimes, it becomes hard for them to find out the exact dog sneezing causes. So now we will discuss the issue that you should never overlook if your dog sneezing a lot.

Nasal Infection

There are two types of infection, Rhinitis and Sinusitis- that can cause non stop sneezing in your dog. Rhinitis is inflammation in your dog’s nose, and Sinusitis refers to the inflammation of the nasal passage by inhaling mold from the dust, hay, and grass. Many reasons, such as bacterial infection, fungal disease, parasites, tooth root abscess, presence of foreign objects within the nose for a long time, can cause these two infections. With non stop sneezing, these infections also cause loss of appetite, nasal discharge, and facial deformity. When you observe these symptoms in your dog along with excessive sneezing, you must call on a veterinarian.


If you have a dust allergy, you may know how your body responds after inhaling dust. This allergic response starts with non stop sneezing. And there is no exception in terms of dogs.

A dog can also experience a non-stop sneezing if it accidentally inhales the dust, molds, pollen, or anything irritating. So if you see your dog sneezing attack for several hours, make sure to check his symptoms of allergic response. Suppose you went for a walk with your dog, and after coming back, your dog kept sneezing suddenly for the rest of the day. It’s obvious that he might inhale something allergic. And any kind of inflammation can start from a simple allergic response. So before anything gets any worse, set an appointment with your veterinarian.

Sticking anything in the nose

Sniffing is not unusual for dogs. Dogs don’t even eat anything until they smell it. And a dog sniffing around your backyard is a very ordinary scene for everyone.

But sometimes, this sniffing can cause your best bud serious nose problem. Sometimes many small glass pieces, blades of grass, or anything leftover on the ground can get stuck in your dog’s nose. And when it happens, you will see your dog sneezing and rubbing his nose roughly. Sometimes they keep sneezing around for several hours until that thing comes out. And during this process, if you overlook it, sometimes dogs sneeze blood. Never wait to call your veterinarian if you see this happening with your dog while excessive sneezing. 

Nasal Mites

Sometimes tiny bugs make the nasal passage of your dog as their residence to breed. And these bugs create severe discomfort in the dog’s nose, which causes the dog to sneeze non stop. Nasal mites are tiny in size and can be seen in bare eyes. When nasal mites take up dogs’ noses as their residence, your dog will be having a sneezing fit, nose bleeding, head shaking, and face ache.

Nasal mites can transmit from the nose of one dog to another. And they are really contagious. So whenever you see nasal mites in your dog’s nose, don’t be late to call a veterinarian.

What Is Reverse Sneezing? Is It Something Serious?

What happens when a dog sneezes? While sneezing, a dog pushes the heavy air aggressively through the nose. And reverse sneezing is just the opposite of that. Actually, it’s not a sneeze at all. When a dog breathes the air in through the nose to avoid or get rid of any allergen or irritants, we call it reverse sneezing. While reverse sneezing, a dog may sound like choking, and they do it for 15-30 seconds.

It’s very natural for dogs to avoid dust and the other allergens or irritants. So you don’t need to be serious about this. But if your dog reverses sneezes due to nasal mies, that’s serious.

Dog sneezing treatment

The first thing that a dog owner should do after seeing his dog sneezing non stop is to immediately call a veterinarian. And then the veterinarian will do the rest. But before that, you have to do something to control your dog’s behavior and stabilize the condition.

Do something before the veterinarian comes:

  • The first thing that you must do, when you see your dog sneezing non stop, is to separate the dog from others. Keep the dog somewhere alone until a veterinarian comes and diagnoses the reason for sneezing. Otherwise, if anything highly contagious such as nasal mites, nasal infection, causes the sneezing, then all the other dogs will be at stake of being affected. So it’s better to separate the affected dog for others’ safety. 
  • Measure the body temperature. Sometimes sneezing for a long time can make your dog’s body temperature higher. In that case, to save your doctor’s time of treatment, take the temperature before the doctor comes.
  • Do not engage him on anything while sneezing. When the situation gets very serious, don’t make your dog do anything until you go to the clinic.
  • As dust and foreign bodies can cause sneezing, clean the living area properly so that the dog’s situation doesn’t worsen. Steam from hot water can help the dog for easy and comfortable breathing.
  • Clean the nasal discharge with clean cloths.


  • Surgery for the removal of any foreign bodies or tumor that causes the sneezing.
  • Antibiotics or nasal decongestants for any nasal infection.
  • Intravenous Fluids.

Why Does My Dog Sneeze When Excited?

It’s very common for a dog to sneeze when it gets exciting. And most of the time, it happens in the playground. For this reason, many dog owners have this question-why my dog keeps sneezing out of excitement? 

Sneezing in excitement is an expression of a happy dog. Sometimes dogs sneeze while meeting a new playmate on the ground. It’s a way of communication that says,” Let’s be friends.” 

Sometimes when you treat your dog with his favorite food, he gets happy. He may also get so glad to see you home after a long time. And meeting your dog after so long you see him sneezing. And you panicked. But that may not be the case. Sneezing out of excitement is not something you really have to get serious about. Your dog sneezes out of excitement because the dog wants to show how happy he is. When we get happy, We smile. But when a dog gets happy, he sneezes. That’s it!

Final Words:

Among the many reasons for dog sneezing fits, some reasons are considered severe in terms of your dog’s health. So it is important for you as a dog owner to know the difference between normal sneezing and sneezing that can cause serious health problems. In this article, we have gone through all the reasons so that it gets more comfortable for you to decide when you need to call a veterinarian and when it’s all normal.

After going through this article, I hope from now there is nothing left to know about- Why is my dog sneezing non stop?

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